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EC Daily COVID Dashboard

The following statistics are based on daily screenings on campus as well as self-reported statuses from students, faculty, and staff as they have had exposures, display symptoms, or receive test results.

Screening– All community members coming to campus screen every 72 hours. There are times where a student or employee does not need to be on campus within a 72 hour period and their screening expires. The total number of screened individuals will fluctuate for this reason. Not everyone needs to be on campus daily and some of our students, faculty, and staff are attending or working online currently.

Quarantine– A quarantine status is used if a student or employee failed a screening, has symptoms, or has had a direct exposure. No positive test result has been obtained.

Isolation– An isolation status indicates a positive test result or a presumptive positive.

Additional details on quarantine and isolation can be found in the College Reopening Plan.

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