Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association was founded in 2021 as a student-led organization representing the voice of every student at Emmanuel. My passion was to create an environment where students could come to for help and suggest solutions to problems. We have made several significant changes to this campus at the request of Students; including the addition of Cafe Lavie, our on-campus coffee shop, more open dorm hours, and a graduating class speaker. I encourage any student that does not feel heard at Emmanuel College to reach out. We want you to maximize your time at Emmanuel and feel like YOU have a voice here. We want to encourage innovative solutions alongside being a voice for you.

Our Mission: The Emmanuel College Student Senate represents the voice of every student by improving the quality of college living, advocating visionary leadership, and strengthening relationships across our campus community. 

Our Values:

  • Collaborative Teams
  • Community InvolvementSustaining Excellence
  • Servant Leadership
  • Responsive Advocacy

Meet The Team!

Gracie Alldredge – Student Body President

  • Junior
  • English Major
  • Involved in – EC Singers, EC Conquest, Admissions Counselor

Jeandre Joubert – Vice President

  • Junior
  • From South Africa
  • B.S. in Biology (Pre-Med)
  • Involved in – EC Impact, EC ResLife, EC Swimming and EC Foundations

April Gupton – Secretary (Miss Emmanuel)

  • Senior
  • B.S. in Worship Music
  • Involved in – EC Singers, EC Bowling, EC Conquest, EC Acts & Chorale 

Micah Krauss – Treasurer

  • Sophomore
  • B.S. in Mathematic
  • Involved in – EC SAAC, EC Soccer, EC Virtuosi, EC Acts & Chorale

Sofia Briantseva – Representative

Kailyn Evans – Representative 

Arielle Shiloh – Representative 

Laura Manolaras – Representative 

Stay Connected

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